B    I    A    N    C    A
A  N  D   F R  I  E  N  D  S

W o o r d   en   S a n g   B e d i e n i n g
W o r d   a n d   S o n g   M i n i s t r y

Westley Watkins: Minister of the Word


I was born in the diamond city of Kimberley.   My schooling was done at Vooruitsig Primary School and from Grade 5 in Klerksdorp, La Hoff Primary and Wesvalia High School.

My first love at school was cricket and I spent all my time and energy on this game.   Yet, I felt there was still a huge void in my life.   At the age of 15 years I became converted in a very powerful way.   During my high school career I attained provincial colours in cricket and at that stage we were the South African Rural Champions.

I thought my way was open in the sporting world and especially with regard to my cricket career.  In my matric year, though, I met people who informed me about possible theological training.   I decided to take the road less travelled and started to lose interest in cricket.

Little did I know that for four years, this would be a life of faith.  Godís providence came from avenues where I least expected it.  I completed my theological training at the A.T.S and the R.A.U.