B    I    A    N    C    A
A  N  D   F R  I  E  N  D  S

W o o r d   en   S a n g   B e d i e n i n g
W o r d   a n d   S o n g   M i n i s t r y

Debuut CD Glo in My CD In harmonie CD Power of Your love CD Sparrow CD Freedom CD
CD's not available anymore
CD’s, DVD’s and Video’s by Bianca & Friends
Chronology of compilations / releases:

1988  Debut (not released)  CD 
1996  Glo in My  CD 
1997  In Harmonie  CD 
1998  Light Your World  CD 
1999  His Eye is on the sparrow  CD 
2000  Bianca and Friends in Israel Video 
2002 It's for Freedom  CD 
2004  It's for Freedom  DVD
2008 His Grace is all you need!  CD
2008 His Grace is all you need!  DVD
2010 Jesus maak my vry - Sarel DVD
2010 The Best of Bianca & Friends  CD
2011  Bianca and Friends in Israel DVD
2013 Raak Hom Aan CD
What an experience this was! Bianca simply oozes with confidence in front of the camera, but as for the rest of the family …. well, let’s just say … it doesn’t come naturally, so we prefer to be ‘behind the scenes’.
“His grace is all you need” DVD contains 6 Bonus Videos (amongst other the Videomaterial from Bianca and Friends in Israel that is no longer available), as well as 'n Photo Gallery of the CD launch.
Sarel forms an integral part of our family ministry. When Westley picks up Sarel, the children come closer. Sarel released his first DVD in 2010.
This is a new season for us, as we welcome Westley with this production.
As we grow, God puts the puzzle pieces together. 
On this album Westley & Bianca release the song they sang on their wedding day the 7th day of the 7th month 2007 - “When God made you”.
With six new songs, we thank God for the opportunity to sow seeds and touch people’s hearts.

“His grace is all you need” is a message the world needs to hear according to 2 Cor. 12:9.
This album consist of the most favourite songs recorded since 1996, with a bonus track "Ek wil gereed wees", Sarel making his debut, as well as 'n new song by Bianca - "Jesus maak my vry" - with the backtrack as a separate track.

Renaldo Lombard and Werner Beukes perform as guest artists on this CD.
We proudly announce that this album contains 9 brand new songs written by ourselves. It's a CD that reflects our hearts. The words of every song comes from the depths of our hearts. The album begins with a prayer that we pray together as a group every day for the families in our country and the world around us.
Distributed by Maranatha Recording Company.
In 2012 we released

4Werke, Joe Niemand, Manie Jackson, Romanz,
Willie Joubert, Retief Burger, Jan de Wet,
Foster & Allen and many top artists perform their
favorite gospel hits on this 20 track compilation. 
MAGTIGE GOSPEL with Bianca & Friends singing: 
"Ek wil gereeds wees".
Distributed by Select Music
The latest release - a double DVD album with songs like: "Come, now is the time to worship."  Sarel singing with friends, etc.  The bonus DVD tells the story from the beginning and show extracts from a trip to Israel in 2000.
Stass & Gerhard Steyn, Riana, Onbeskaamd, Jessie Pretorius, Drakensberg Seunskoor, and more.....
KRUISHOUT LIEFDE Volume 2 with Bianca & Friends opening song:  "Wanneer Jesus my dra".
Marketing and Distribution:   Maranatha Record Company