B    I    A    N    C    A
A  N  D   F R  I  E  N  D  S

W o o r d   en   S a n g   B e d i e n i n g
W o r d   a n d   S o n g   M i n i s t r y

Riaan & Manda:

We met as children in our local congregation.   Together we road on the Sunday School bus from Kuilsriver to Bellville, a 20 minute journey, where Riaan would purposely sit behind Manda and teasingly pushed down her little white socks.    “Ring the doorbell and run” was a favourite game we played in our neighbourhood which we both fondly remembered playing.   Years later we both served on the Sunday School staff.

Says Manda:  “Because I often chose my own company, I was not interested in relationships.   My time was mostly spent in my room and I’d swap it for nothing in the world.   Riaan was my first love who swept me off my feet and today, more than 27 years later, I know that it was the right decision to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Says Riaan:  “I cannot imagine my life without Manda.   She is a wonderful wife and the best mother any child can ever wish for.  As a family we have great respect and admiration for her and love her dearly.   She has strong leadership qualities and it’s great to listen and to see how she offers solutions to any problems which may arise.   The Lord has blessed her with some wonderful talent.   She certainly adds much colour to my life and I enjoy every moment with her.”

Westley & Bianca:

We met each other in a hair salon in 2005 in a small town called Stilfontein.   We chatted easily, but never met each other again after that.   Towards the end of the following year Bianca attended a church service one morning, only to discover that Westley was to deliver the sermon.

Says Bianca:   “When I walked into the church and saw the dark-haired guy behind the set of drums, I was dumbstruck and said to the Lord: “There’s my husband!”   Never before had I felt such an overwhelming sense of peace and knew that some day I would marry him.”

Says Westley:   “Oh my goodness, what a dainty little thing!  I had been unattached for about a year and a half and found it rather strange to suddenly be in the company of the opposite sex.   Nevertheless, I followed my instinct and proposed to Bianca three months later, on my birthday.  Five months later, on the 7th day of the 7th month in the year 2007, we got married.   It was a fairytale wedding surrounded by friends and family and the event exceeded all our expectations.   A dream come true!  All the prayers and the patience, waiting for 26 years, had soon paid off with interest.”