B    I    A    N    C    A
A  N  D   F R  I  E  N  D  S

W o o r d   en   S a n g   B e d i e n i n g
W o r d   a n d   S o n g   M i n i s t r y

Manda:   Co-ordinator and Songwriter


I was born in Pretoria, but grew up in Kuilsriver in the Western Cape.   I attended De Kuilen Primary and High School.    Reading is my passion and I spend hours reading from the Word of God, as well as biographies of different people.   I have always felt that there is so much to learn from other people’s experiences.

As a young married couple, Riaan and I were the youth leaders at our local church and later I became the Sunday School Superintendent.  Being involved in the ministry in the various congregations where we were was a natural way of life, for me.  I cannot witness to the fact that God brought me out of the miry clay, but I can give you the assurance that He has protected me and guarded my life, even thus far.  To serve Him was never an option for me, but something without which I would not want to live.

The most important time of the day for me is very early in the morning, in the stillness of a new day dawning.  That is my personal time with my Heavenly Father.   It is here where I receive strength and guidance for the day ahead.